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The Logan County Health District examines and permits PRIVATE water systems in Logan County.


A private water system is a system that serves less than 25 people per day, or serves 25 or more people less than 60 days per year, or have less than 15 service connections.



  • A church with its own water well may serve 500 people, but maybe only 52 times per year. This is a private water system. 

  • A campground with a water well system that serves about 100 people during peak times, but only 20 days of the year.  This is a private water system unless there are 15 or more campsite water connections (service connections).

  • A restaurant, that does not serve water to its patrons, does not provide water for human consumption, such as water for hand washing, which is commonly supplied in public restrooms, serves its food on plates that will be washed, or uses water to prepare food items like ice cubes from a ice machine or coffee.  The washing of food preparation utensils alone does not qualify a system as a public water system. 

Homeowners can download their well logs from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources website.


Well Disinfection

Well disinfection can eliminate or reduce many different kinds harmful bacteria and viruses as well as harmless bacteria which can cause unpleasant taste and odors. However, disinfection will not correct water problems caused by chemical contamination from nitrate, fuels, pesticides, or other substances. Well disinfection should be performed under the following circumstances:

  • When coliform bacteria are present in the water;

  • After flooding of the well;

  • After plumbing installation, e.g. softeners, sinks, filters;

  • After casing or pump repairs - submersible types or other;

  • When water taste or odor changes, e.g. from iron or sulfur reducing bacteria;

  • As part of annual maintenance; or

  • During startup of seasonal wells.

CLICK HERE for well disinfection instructions


The article Water Quality provides a great checklist for well owners.


Private Water Systems Contractors are licensed by the Ohio Department of Health.  A list of currently licensed contractors is available at the ODH Private Water Systems Program website.


For more information and assistance with your private water system, please call 937.592.9040.  You may also e-mail us at LCHD@loganhealth.org.


Codes and Regulations:

Private Water Systems Ohio Administrative code Chapter 3701-28


Public Drinking Water programs are regulated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.


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